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Pictures and Words

A collection of photos, quotes, and music

12/1/11 05:50 pm - This is important

I try to keep my journal generally politics-free, but this is really bad, you guys:

The US Government is trying to take away YOUR human rights.

Don't comment, just spread the word, write your Congressman, sign a petition...because this cannot be allowed to happen.

6/15/09 11:08 am

Happy Birfday, nutmeg!

I'm sorry, no glittery curucard because uh, Curu is still x_x

5/7/09 12:04 am - *want*

Someone needs to buy these so I can live vicariously through them. Because these? Are awesome cute shoes.

4/25/09 12:10 pm - ...

Dear dishwasher,

Melting my measuring cup? NOT COOL. How on earth did you throw the cup from the middle of the top rack to under the bottom rack anyway?! And why, after months of successfully washing measuring cups, did you decide that you suddenly hate the 1/3 cup?

No <3,


4/12/09 12:22 am - *hate*

Things I Hate Right Now:

  • The nasty smell permeating my apartment coming from my neighbor's apartment - presumably either a failed culinary experiment or drunken puke.
  • The stupid smoke detector, which goes off when I roast poblanos, generating very little smoke, but not when I accidentally burnt a plastic pie crust wrapper, which generated copious amounts of smoke.
  • Lab reports.
  • Bad People.

And to counter that...

Things I Love Right Now:

  • Coconut rum.
  • Wet, fresh spring air.
  • This lady. And by that I mean, go polar bears. 
  • Charles Darwin. (see above)

3/5/09 08:53 pm - My most recent culinary experiment of extreme win

Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Cocktail

(Look at that consonance, bitches!)


Chocolate chips - melted
Irish Cream Liqueur
Maraschino Cherry liquid, Grenadine or something similar


Brew coffee. Pour melted chocolate into your mug, just enough to cover the bottom - or more if you like ;) . Add coffee to about halfway full and stir until you have a consistent texture. Then add the cherry flavoring until the cup is about 3/4 full. Then add the Irish Cream until the cup is (almost) full. Stir gently and enjoy!

2/13/09 11:29 am - Snow Day!

Woohoo! I got a "snow day"!

It was not actually a true snowday - classes weren't cancelled or anything, but when I went to the repro lab, they -still- did not have my protocol, and the guy (out in California) wanting the research done wasn't answering the phone. Maybe we will have it by Monday? Anyway, Dr. B said there wasn't really anything else to do, they just had one client appointment at 9:30 and that was it. So he said Katie and I could take the day off and have a snow day. :D

2/8/09 01:22 am - Also...

Thanks guys for the reading list suggestions! These will keep me busy for awhile. :D

2/7/09 06:28 pm

Note: Sloppy Joes made with salsa in lieu of tomato sauce are delicious, though very spicy.

1/28/09 09:05 pm - I be edumacated

Comment with your Top Five/Ten/Whatever Novels that a person Must Read. Not necessarily your favorite book you read over and over (though it could be), but ones you think are really important.

And try not to list ones I've obviously read. (I.e. The Hobbit or The Chronicles of Narnia).

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